Email being resolved!

Hello! If you have sent us an email through our Contact page over the last few weeks, we have not received them. We are SO sorry! We were wondering why with all the sign ups, it was “CRICKETS” around here on the email! lol

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So we realized the email attached to this new website was our old email address, which we can’t seem to get to work even after the guy at the server has tried half a dozen times. So we have another email into him this morning, but we may unfortunately never recover that email that we’ve had since 2013! ugh…

Anyways, this blog post is to let you know that we are not ignoring you… we just didn’t know you emailed!

SO… if you have emailed us and still would like to ask a question or need help, PLEASE email again through the CONTACT page above. We’ve tested it and it is getting to us now that we’ve changed the email address to a gmail account.

We apologize to everyone who has been waiting for an email from us! Please know that silence is not our normal response to emails.


Have a beautiful Christmas weekend and we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Christ with family & friends!


Laura & Rebecca

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