Art & Faith in Vermont...

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday, we are hunkered down at home for this blizzard that is about to arrive here in Colorado!

So today I thought I would continue what we’ve been sharing over on our IG about our retreat this fall in Vermont.


My friends encouraged me to actually do a video about our retreats on Insta-Story and it was my first EVER! That was huge for me… I look at other people who talk all the time on their stories and it’s just something that FREAKS me out. I don’t like to talk on video b/c I don’t like my voice and on top of that I have to look at myself and talk to myself… and it’s just not normal to me. But, I pulled through and if you want to hear our heart behind our retreats and what we are doing this fall, you can go to artandfaithcreative on IG and see it in our Highlights now.

We announced this retreat late last year and are so excited that Sheila Atchley is joining us to teach and be a part of the retreat. She has never been to Vermont, so I know how excited she it to see it and gather together with another group of women who have a heart to connect their faith with their creativity. We had such a beautiful time last year in Italy seeing the fall foliage there during our retreat, and that is where our hearts just connected and we knew the Lord was calling us to do something together again.


Our retreats started out in Italy in 2012 and we have been doing 1 -2 retreats every year since then, but never in the U.S. We’ve had a lot of people ask us about doing them here, but the timing didn’t feel right… until now. We feel so blessed that this is the time we get to open up our Art & Faith Creative Retreats in the U.S. and because this place in Vermont holds a special place in my families heart, we are so excited that the Lord allowed for this to be the place. (I’ll share more on why there is so much meaning to this place when we are there together.)

The Woodstock Inn is our location for the retreat and we have only 2 rooms left at the hotel! We can accommodate up to 4 people per room, but once they are gone, we are sold out. The retreat is taking place October 6 - 11, which is PEAK fall foliage time, so that is why we can only reserve a certain amount of rooms and they are almost all sold out.

So if this is something you have been praying about and would like to join us, let us know. We’d love to have you come and share in this time with us!


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Vermont, but Woodstock is one of the most picturesque towns in New England. It literally looks like the set of Gilmore Girls and as you walk around the town you expect to see Kirk or Loralei having a conversation by the town troubadour ! hahaha


The actual town we will be staying in is similar in size to Bellagio, where you can walk around the whole village. There are lovely boutiques, little coffeeshops and antique stores lining the streets. You will love strolling the streets during free time and exploring all this town has to offer, including the covered bridges they are so famous for!


For our retreat we will be enjoying this town and the fall foliage by riding bikes around the town, visiting a local farm, having a demonstration by a chef in the hotels gardens and beautiful red barn, and taking a day trip to one of the most scenic roads in America, the Kancamangus Highway.

We will stop at Antique shops along the way, take tons of photos along this road, and enjoy a nice lunch together. My husband and I came to New England for our honeymoon, almost 30 years ago this September. The Kancamangus Highway was one of the highlights of that trip as we enjoyed this beautiful drive with some of our favorite music and snacks in the car.

No Art & Faith Creative Retreat would be complete without “Art & Faith” and we will definitely spend time being creative and connecting through our shared faith. That is what the heart of our retreats is all about; to draw closer to the Lord during this time together and to seek out the Lord through our creativity so that we can be renewed in our spirit and go back refreshed.


So we invite you to spend this week with us in Vermont this fall. We know if the Lord is calling you to come, there will be a spot available for you.

We hope you will prayerfully consider joining us and we can’t wait to meet you right here this October!

If you have any questions or need help in planning how to get here, please feel free to leave us a message up at the top where it says CONTACT US.

Have a GREAT day,