Fall Art & Faith Creative Retreat...

In Bellagio, Italy for a MARRIAGE RETREAT! We invite you to join us:

September 19 - 26, 2020


Yes, you heard that right! This is something that has been on my heart since the very beginning. If you’ve been here with us before, then you know how romantic this place is… and you may have even asked us if we were ever going to do a “couples retreat.” Well, that time is NOW!

We have a very special couple that will be joining us for this retreat, and I am so excited to see what the Lord will do through them during this time. Again, this is not some intense marriage workshop, but it will be a time to enjoy getting away with your spouse and taking this precious time to fall in love again.

I know you will LOVE Pastor Tim and his wife Sheila and truly be touched by their hearts and words of encouragement.


Tim and Sheila Atchley will be sharing their hearts for marriage and what beautiful things God has for our marriages, at any stage of life. Sheila, who will be teaching art during the week, is a beautiful “soul” artist and has a heart to show us how making time to be creative is important in marriage.

Here’s what they have to say about this retreat:

“We are dreaming of a different kind of marriage retreat.  We are dreaming of spaciousness and grace.  Having a healthy middle marriage is still a strategic thing - we do need to have a clear plan.  But the plan looks more like nourishing the relationship with small doses of play, understanding some of the doctrines of grace, and  letting go of larger expectations.  It looks more like knowing that your marriage looks like no one else’s.  These non-performance mindsets are subtle shifts that bring obvious new life.  They are harder to grasp than they sound, and most couples need a “time out” now and then to soak the relationship in truth, and remember strategic grace.  (God’s strategy from before creation was to bring us into rest - a rest which we, conversely, “labor to enter into”.) Come to Italy!  It’ll be simple and sweet, and you can’t beat the lemon ravioli.”

Here’s a little about Sheila:

I'm Sheila Atchley:  artist-author, wisdom-chaser, silver-haired ordinary mystic.  

“I'm a celebrant, a congregant, and a flagrant creative. While I am equally drawn to words and art, words are my defining first love, and a big part of my art form.  I'm here to encourage you with paint, prose, and poetry.  I'm here to unleash an army of women whose metric is grace.

One of my passions is the middle age woman.  This beautiful season of life is under-celebrated and under-valued.  Middle aged women do not get enough support, by and large.  I aim to change that, when and where I can.  I believe that, just like Abraham in the bible, “everywhere the soles of your feet tread shall be yours…the Lord will extend your boundaries…”.  

Middle age is a vast and gracious land, a land where many of us now find ourselves walking, a land where the potential fruit is enormous if you are willing to slay some giants.  I’m busy doing just that, in my personal life, in my art, and in my writing and speaking ministry.  I want to help you extend your boundaries, and to inherit what’s yours, in every season.  

After all, if I encourage the women, I encourage the world.”


Fall on Lake Como is simply stunning and we truly desire for you to come away for a week with your spouse and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation here with us. To enjoy time alone, time with other couples and to be reminded again what beautiful things the Lord has for marriage.


Tim and Sheila have been married 33 years this year! I met Sheila just last fall at our retreat in Italy and her hubby Tim joined along. What I saw between them was such love and honor that I know the Lord allowed me to see that for this reason. As I said before I’ve wanted to do a marriage retreat for a long time… and guess what… SO HAVE THEY!

I truly believe that this retreat next fall was in the making for some time and the Lord, in His perfect timing, is bringing things together for an amazing retreat in 2020! So this is the perfect opportunity to get away with your love and enjoy this romantic fall setting in Italy, and renew and refresh your marriage here.


I’ll be bringing my hubby too and we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year! So with over 60+ years of married life between the two marriages, hopefully we can share and a little of what the Lord has done through them.

So we invite you to take your husband away for a week. To step away from life for just a bit and give time for your marriage to grow and be refreshed in this beautiful setting!


Here's a preview of what the 7 night Art & Faith MARRIAGE Retreat in Italy will include:

- 7 nights at an Apartment or Hotel in Bellagio, Italy

- Private Transfer to and from Milan Malpensa Airport

- Welcome Reception in Bellagio

- Tour of Bellagio, including the history of this region by a local tour guide

- Day trip to a gorgeous Monastery or Historic sight on Lake Como

- Classes and devotions in the beautiful event room in Bellagio

- Exploring Lake Como on a Private Boat Tour

- Lakeside lunch in a private cove

- Tours of Famous Villa's and Gardens on Lake Como

- 5 Dinners in gorgeous locations around Lake Como

- 5 Lunches together in Bellagio

- 2 Breakfasts together during our time in Bellagio

- Cooking Class with one of the Top Chefs of Italy

- Taxi's and Ferry’s to and from meals and excursions

- Gifts and Food in your apartment upon arrival

- Hotel and room taxes included

- FUN SURPRISES throughout the week

- Grand Finale last night in Bellagio

- Plus time to relax, stroll the cobblestone streets with your hubby, and enjoy LOTS of Gelato in Italy!

- Live music in the music room each night

- And…an unforgettable experience in Italy you will treasure forever!!

Price for the 7 Night Bellagio, Italy Marriage Retreat:

$2949 Per Person/Double Occupancy

** All pricing does not include airfare

Registration will be LIVE on THIS WEDNESDAY at 8AM MOUNTAIN TIME. Once you register, we will send an email confirmation and a contract to look over. We will send you an informational email as well with TONS of information as well as questions that will help us get to know you and help set you up on a payment plan that best suites your needs. If you have any questions before that time, please feel free to email us via the CONTACT page at the top of this website.

We would like to keep this retreat smaller in size, so if this is something you are thinking and praying about, we hope you will be back here THIS Wednesday to REGISTER. We have a feeling this retreat will sell out fast since we’ve had so many women join us here over the years and have asked us if we would do a marriage retreat!

Thank you again for always being so supportive of what the Lord is calling us to do in our retreats. We don’t take that lightly and we feel so honored to be able to serve all of you who join us. We can’t wait to meet everyone who is joining us for this retreat!


Laura McCollough


If you’d like to hear some “testimonials” from the women who have joined our retreats in the past, they are spread around on this website and will give you an idea of what to expect.