Love, Tuesday... A calling out... Part Four

This post will be the last update on our move to Colorado, for a while.

Since last September 1st when we went to the town Prayer Meeting on my 50th birthday a lot has happened, and then again… not so much. We still are in the process and our house isn’t finished yet, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t moving and showing us His perfect timing.

In this last year (because this weekend is my 51st and I left off last time on my 50th Bday) we’ve had quite a bit of time… waiting on the Lord’s timing. We moved here last July and really saw in our own minds that our house would go forward around August of last year. What really took place was the Lord showing us that His timing is always BEST.

We actually didn’t break ground until March 21st, a day after Lance’s 56th Bday of THIS year.

So looking at it from a human perspective, we had been waiting a full year and a half from the time we bought the land until the time they dug into the ground. To some people, and if I’m honest… us at times too, this was possibly a sign that maybe we weren’t supposed to build on that land or move here. We had questions from people if we were doing the right thing, if maybe we should just buy a house somewhere else or maybe even pack it up and move back to California.

The only way I can say that I KNEW that none of that was remotely an option is because I was trusting in the Lord’s timing. Sure I’d love to be in my house right about now, but I truly felt peace that whatever the timing was… was perfect.

Along that road of waiting there were some really big things that we knew we had to totally trust the Lord on.

First, we had plans ready to go much earlier but they weren’t approved by the HOA! It was too similar to the neighbors (36 acre parcels each, but there’s was also a modern farmhouse). So we had to go back and redesign the house, change the color scheme and get it approved. That was a bit stressful.

Secondly, we had to sign (and get approved) on the loan documents for the construction loan. THIS WAS HUGE. Lance wasn’t working, hadn’t started a new business in Colorado yet and did not have an income to show. This was another big step of faith for us and a time when we weren’t sure if this was going to be an OPEN or CLOSED door. We really believed this was where God was calling us, but now when the rubber was meeting the road… we thought “are we going to get approved for the loan we need for this calling we feel so strongly?” YES. The answer to that was a big YES & AMEN! Another confirmation that God was in total control of this. We didn’t know how this was going to happen, and AGAIN, things fell into place in His PERFECT TIMING. If you know Lance’s history a little, he owned a website company that he sold a while back. (about 3-4 years ago) His company was sold to another company and long story short, we had invested in that company. Guess what happened at the same time we are trying to get this loan? He “happened” to be on a board meeting phone call with them and they just so happened to need to do a distribution! (basically give money to the stock holders) That hadn’t happened AT ALL in the 3 or 4 years since he sold the company… this was the first time ever! And how much was that check going to be? Almost the EXACT amount the loan company was saying we needed to come up with to secure the loan!!!

bawling again… God is SO GOOD and let me tell you that He is in the DETAILS my friends!

I know I’ve said this many times but it’s so true… God IS in the details. He wants to show His Glory to us and He cares about YOU & ME so much. It was such a confirmation in a long string of them that we continue to be in AWE about!

The next thing that happened after the loan went through and they started digging in March was the ROCK. The community we are building in has a TON of rock. So much so that some neighbors had to spend thousands extra to crush the rock on their land. Well, one day we got a call from our builders saying that our land was incredibly ROCK FREE. We only had 5% rock on our land! That’s basically nothing. We had been praying for this because we really have wanted to steward this well and not go over budget. This was such a PRAISE report and really an answer to our prayers!

After they had graded the land and started pouring the foundation, we get an email from the builder again. Next AMAZING THING… The construction manager, who knew we were Christians, sent us some photos:


He went out to a local craft store, bought 4 metal Bible Verses and laid them into the cement in the four corners of our foundation! We just couldn’t believe it… and of course I cried like a baby AGAIN. (that’s what happens when a 50 year old lady is ALL IN with Jesus and things get rollin’) What an AWESOME home building company to work with! Can you believe it?! We truly are building this on a FIRM foundation of Jesus Christ, and so thankful for the people He has brought into our lives through this journey.

Around the same time we also had more “framily” come for a visit! As I said in another post, it was hard leaving our family friends from church, but having them come visit us, see our land and vision in person and pray over our land… it was LIFE giving. It’s been difficult to go out and build a new life, find a new church and build new friendships along with a house. The Lord has been SO faithful in all of it, but it still means so much to see the people who we prayed over this decision with and who encouraged us in the going. We had our dear friends the Sanfords come last year and then the Schumanns came out this spring! We are so blessed to have these people in our lives, even from afar now. So we prayed a circle around our land that day with them.


April came around and we became GRANDPARENTS! We are incredibly in LOVE with baby Adeline and the joy it is to be close to Dany and Victoria and our 1st grand baby! I don’t think I mentioned another blessing in all of this…

When Dany & Victoria finally felt the Lord calling them to Colorado last fall, we started putting the word out that they were looking for jobs here. We told a few people that if they heard of anything, Dany would be great at just about anything and he’d be willing to do just about anything. He is such a hard worker, a generous and kind employee and we were praying that the Lord would provide for him and his little growing family when they moved here. Well guess what…

One day in our meetings with the home builder at the end of the meeting Dean said he wanted to talk about Dany. He had met him before (that fateful day at their house) and could tell the kind of character he had and he wanted to HIRE HIM! So Dany now works for our home builder and is learning the whole trade of building houses! He loves his job and works so hard to provide for his family. It is such a JOY to see him happy learning his new skills and doing such a great job for them!

Look at our cute little Adeline!! She’s just four months and full of smiles and giggles!!


Here’s another cool thing that confirmed something to me:


Here’s what I wrote on our Instagram about this:

Do you see it? ❤️ I know I saw it... “loud and clear. “ You see, I’ve collected heart rocks for years, but they are always in special places... places I feel the Lord has called me to serve Him.  I find one every year in Bellagio, Italy.  This move to Colorado was a huge step of faith because I felt clearly that the Lord was calling us here. As I’ve shared part of our story on here, of how God is writing this story, it’s been so amazing to watch what He is doing. I am a spectator as well in what Christ is wanting to do. I’ll be honest and tell you that there have been times of great revelation and times of utter silence from Him.  I think in every journey the Lord has all of us on, it’s not all sunshine and roses.  There are things we have to go through, learn from, release, repent, be patient in and grow in learning how to follow Him completely, with open hands.  I’m far from learning all of that... But, God. 🙌🏻 He brings moments into our lives that speak of His truth and His promises.  This heart rock spoke volumes to me. You see I’ve looked on our land, searched with my eyes many times... and no heart rock. It wasn’t something I was concerned with or doubting, I just new at some point there would be one. Yesterday was that day.  In plain sight, no searching needed. Right in the PATH everyone has been walking on. Not a little heart rock... THE BIGGEST I’ve ever found. ❤️ On the day we were meeting the builder to decide where the BARN would be built! Yes, The GATHERING PLACE... aka the He moved us here.  I am constantly in AWE of our God.😭🙌🏻. I picked up that rock and moved it. It’s now on the site where His purpose will be built. We are still learning what the “Gathering Place” will look like, how it will be built and provided for, but it will be evident in His perfect timing. ❤️ Hebrews 10:24-25

We know we were called here for that “Gathering Place” and that it’s purpose is simply to be a place where we point people to Jesus. That will look like many different things, but the HEART of that place is about God and God alone. We don’t know how that will be provided for yet… but we KNOW it will be. I can’t wait to share how that all comes together, but I have NO idea of God’s timing on that one. I’m hoping and praying for “sooner than later” but as with the house, I’m trusting that whatever the timing is, it’s perfect.

We had a few more things that were beautiful blessings since then.

  1. We were able to go to our house before the foundational beams were put up and we wrote scripture verses all over them. We also put them on the corners of our house and tons of pieces of wood that we don't actually know where they went, but they are all around the house. We asked friends and family to give us bible verses to put on those posts and beams and we still continue to do that! If YOU want to have a verse written on our home, PLEASE let us know! We’d love to hear what verse the Lord is putting on your heart to bless our home with!!

  2. As they were building the structure of the home, we noticed what looked like a CROSS!


3. We had my brothers family come out this summer to visit. We were able to share what the Lord is doing with them and pray over it with them as well. My brother is a youth pastor in Michigan and I don’t know if I shared the beginning part of this whole journey, but it was to visit him and do the SERVE week with his church that started this whole THING!

4. Another BIG blessing we just got news of a couple weeks ago is that when they went drill for the water well, they had NO problems and it was one of the best drills! I don’t understand how all that works, but the end result is that is saved us THOUSANDS!! We haven’t always had “wins” in this direction… some things have been over budget, but when we get this kind of news we want to PRAISE JESUS because we are SO THANKFUL!


Here’s Lance contemplating life on the front porch…

We are so humbled by this whole process and seeing what God is doing here. Thank you for following along and if you want to be a part of this, we’d really LOVE to hear from you! If you have a verse or a prayer for this Gathering Place, please leave a comment below. We plan to have a BARN BLESSING once this is all done and we’d love to have you there!

If you want to see more frequent posts, I update the @acoloradogathering IG account about once a week. We’d love to have you come over there and say HI!

There’s so much to share and as we move forward and see the completion of our home, I will update on this blog as well. But for now this is the last post for a while on all the God is doing here. I heard a message a couple weeks ago called “Blessed and Broken” and it was so perfect for this season of our lives. I’ll share more on that soon because it’s a message I think we all need to hear, and so timely. Not only for this process the Lord has us going through but also for the what He has put on my heart to make next summers’ Bellagio retreat about!

This week we are posting more about next summer’s retreat over on Instagram if you want to see what we have going for next June in Bellagio! We also have a GIVEAWAY over there, so check that out. You don’t have to go to the retreat to win the prize! It’s our @artandfaithcreative IG…

We hope you have a GREAT Tuesday… this is what we have LOVED sharing with you today!


Laura McCollough