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our Story

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Laura McCollough

I grew up reading lots and lots of books.  Books gave me a sense of adventure and lead me to different worlds without having to get on a plane.  I hate to fly.  So I never imagined my life as an adult would be traveling around the world and hosting Creative Retreats in far away places.  But the Lord has a sense of humor and when we allow Him to work in our lives, He usually stretches us in the areas we need stretching in.

About 15 years ago my husband sold his business and we decided to do something crazy… we took a year off to travel the world with our two young daughters!  It was an incredible adventure (on lots of planes, trains and automobiles) and such precious time in our families life.   I believe it opened up a door to opportunities the Lord wanted to show us in this big world we live in and that story is still unfolding…

Besides reading and traveling I have a PASSION for Bible Journaling, blogging and recording our memories in all kinds of ways.  I love to create, I love the process of creating, and I truly love teaching others how to make the connection between art and faith.  I’ve worked with scrapbook and mixed-media companies and local art stores for many years. I love that the Lord has blended all of my creative passions together to show me how to use them for His glory.  I really believe the desires of our heart come from Him and when we allow Him to work in and through them, it all makes sense.

This past summer we felt the Lord stirring our hearts to something again.  Something way bigger than us.  So we have stepped out in faith and He has opened the doors and gone before us in amazing ways.  I’d love to share our journey with you as we build a “gathering place” and home in Colorado, for His purposes.  Side Note:  When you open yourself up to God sized dreams… watch out!

When I'm not working I enjoy cooking, listening to music, laughing… a lot, taking way too many photos of our family and dog, and spending time with family and friends.

Currently I host Art & Faith Creative Retreats in Italy and France. (and soon to be in the USA as well)  I feel so blessed to be able to blend my faith with my love of teaching, creating, (and yes now traveling) and would LOVE for you to join us on one of our next adventures! 

Rebecca McCollough

I grew up with a mom that loves books… and read to me from birth. (Yes, Laura is my mom) Naturally I developed a love of books as well and always thought I would be a teacher. Fast forward a few years and I am currently in college studying the Bible.

I have several jobs and enjoy working as a coffee barista in college. When I’m not in class or studying I enjoy finding new coffee houses… where I can study. I also enjoy music and yes, reading.

I love having quiet time with the Lord and have learned how important it is to make this part of our every day. God is SO good and He has never let me down. With life always changing and all the challenges it brings, He remains the same. In the wondering and waiting He is always there.

I’ve helped my mom with our retreats for years and it truly is a joy to be a part of what the Lord is doing in them. I feel the Lord leading me towards Women’s Ministry and that is exactly what our heart is for our retreats. To encourage women to draw closer to the Lord and enjoy time to “be still” and know that He loves them. I look forward to seeing where the Lord leads this ministry and I can’t wait to meet everyone who is joining us next year!