Love, Tuesday...

Ok, you know this GRANDMA had to make a “Love, Tuesday” post about her 1st grand baby!! :)


So here’s the “official” photo from the parents that we were waiting days for… hahaha

I mean I was trying to be a good grandma here and wait for them to post first, guys… but so many of you were asking for photos that I had to sneak a few to friends that text me! #sorrynotsorry

Here’s some of the early photos from the hospital:


This one just gets me! My little grand baby is praising Jesus in her sleep! hahaha Look at her hands and how she likes to sleep. LOVE HER.

Little Adeline was truly a MIRACLE. She came five days past momma’s due date and we were all praying for her to come soon because Dany’s mom came from Italy and Rebecca was home for the week from college. So we really wanted her to arrive that week. The miracle in that was her actual birth. Which we know is a miracle of God and anyone thinking otherwise is just crazy. So, they went ahead and induced Victoria on Tuesday night and by Wednesday at 11:17 on the 17th she was born. But as she was being delivered and her head was out, they saw that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck THREE TIMES! We didn’t know this until we went to the hospital and they told us, but what was so strange is that I had this feeling to pray about that. I just felt this sense of need as I was home (sick and not able to be there) and I just prayed that everything would be ok for Victoria and that the baby would be ok and not have the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Well, she did… and THREE times… which is just crazy! But, God. In His awesome power He allowed her to be ok, she did not suffer ANY breathing problems from it or worse, and the second the DR. saw the baby come out like that she was so fast in unwrapping it and taking care of it IN A FLASH! Dany said he saw it happen and he was in shock at how fast she was able to take it off of her and get her breathing! Hallelujah, that you Jesus! Our precious Adeline is a tiny little miracle from heaven!


Daddy and baby are bonding and I can’t say enough GREAT things about how wonderful he is with her! When he was dating Victoria she would notice ALL the kids would gravitate to him… wherever he went. So I knew he was going to be a great dad some day. But to see how much he loves her, takes care of her and takes care of our daughter… oh man, the tears. God is soooo good. She’s also a mini-me of him too. Which Victoria was of Lance as well, so hopefully she’ll get one that looks like her eventually.

Rebecca was also able to be at the hospital and help this past week, which was such a blessing. I am SO very thankful that Elisa was here from Italy and Rebecca was here on break. It’s terrible to be sick when such a momentous occasion is happening in the family, but to know that the Lord allowed both of them to be here to help has been so comforting to me! It’s no fun, and I can’t wait to hug her and kiss her lots… but I know Victoria and Dany have such good help right now.


Here’s Auntie Rebecca (ask her her nick name some time… and why it’s SO appropriate, lol) with baby Adeline at the hospital… and right before I took her to the airport to go back to school, she took this photo:


So fun! Thank you to everyone who has prayed, commented, left messages and send their love! Victoria is doing pretty good, with one trip to the emergency room on Saturday night, but is doing better now. I know they would love your continued prayers as they learn this new job of there’s as parents and pray for wisdom in this new journey of parenthood.

And thank you for letting me share this very “Proud Grandma” moment with all of you!

I’m not sure what my name is going to be yet… Lance has decided on Poppie, after his own dad that is so beloved and goes by that with our girls. So I’m not sure if I’m Grammie? Mimi or something else? Any suggestions?

To all you grandma’s out there who told me I would fall in LOVE instantly… you were SO right. I haven’t held her yet and can only see her from a few feet off, but I just melt. What a JOY from the Lord to get to share in this life with your children’s children. Truly a blessing.

Hugs to all,

Laura McCollough