Love, Tuesday... A calling out... Part Two

Hello again on a Tuesday!

I hope you are all having a great week! Maybe some of you have had kiddo’s starting back at school like we do? It’s that time of year again right… We’ve been busy getting Rebecca all packed up and shipped back to California and now Isabella is starting school next week and getting things ready as well! This summer has gone by at super speed and I just haven’t had time to finish the story of our journey to Colorado. I posted this beautiful photo of her yesterday that Caleb Simons took of her in Bellagio this last time. We are so blessed to see her follow the Lord’s path for her life! We will miss her deeply, but it’s a joy to know she loves the Lord and feels called to follow Him.


So today I will share “Part two” with you of our story.

I left off when we were in the car with Lance and he very “randomly” asked if we should put money down on the land that we prayed over…

Well, we did. And that part of the story is so amazing to me because I really didn't see that coming! He seemed like he was really not feeling it and we would be going home to California and I was content with whatever Lance felt was the right thing to do. So to hear him do a 180 from the day before I was blown away. My hubby is a “numbers’ guy… a CPA by trade and someone who reads those 100 page contracts before he signs. So I really thought at that moment… “Ok God, if this is going to happen you have plenty of opportunities to stop it from happening because Lance is going to need to know EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL of the contract to buy this land…. and there’s a TON to learn when buying land vs. a house.

This was middle of September and I had a couple trips to take, one being a teaching job in Nice, France. So Rebecca and I flew to France and after I taught we took a train to Bellagio. We were there for only a few days but Rita wanted to show us around and let us see some things we had never seen and try new places to take the ladies on our retreats. All this while Lance was back in Cali working through all the paperwork, financing, and very detailed questions he had for this BIG idea to become a reality. I really went on this trip and just prayed that it would be evident if we were to move there or not. That the Lord would close the doors if that was not His will.


So get this…

While Rebecca and I were in Bellagio, Italy… thousand and thousands of miles away from Colorado… we met two groups of people IN Bellagio FROM Colorado… in October. (Gorgeous fall colors there by the way in October)


First random “coincidence” (which you know I don’t believe in… more like God Winks… which I get teased by my family for saying, but it’s TRUE) was in the fruit market right after we arrived. As we were asking for fruit we wanted and taking with the owner in broken Italian, there were three ladies there looking for things as well. They noticed we talked English between ourselves so they asked us why we were there. We explained that we do retreats there and were there to do some work for them. “What kind of retreats do you do?” they asked. Well this is where people usually tune out: “We do Art & Faith Retreats” I say. One of the girls at that point opens up her jacket and reveals a shirt with the words” Faithful Workouts” on it. They were there for some R&R but were a business from COLORADO that focused on health and fitness that centered around their FAITH! WOW, God. We then talked about our process of praying over moving to Colorado and they were so kind to encourage us and give us their information if we needed any help. Well that was cool.

2nd random “coincidence” was on the last night before we left. We went over to our favorite restaurant and dear friends Luca & Cheryl’s place Al Veluu and were sitting on their terrace talking with Luca. He asked how we were doing and we told him about this possibility that we might be moving to Colorado and buying land. After he leaves we hear the couple at the table next to us speak up. “We’re so sorry we were listening to your conversation but we moved from California to Colorado a few years ago and it was the best decision we ever made.” Oh really? WOW… Then they ask us why we would be moving and I said “God. We feel like He is calling us there.” Guess what… They also felt that and are believers who started an organization for churches and christian organizations in Colorado Springs! We talked the whole night and shared our faith and what the Lord was doing and they were also SO encouraging to us.

Both of these groups of people live less than 30-40 minutes from us now.

It was so incredible to know that IN the process of searching for answers and praying for clarity the Lord gave me such beautiful encounters with people from Colorado that had hearts to do the same thing, just in different ways. Share the gospel in the gifts that they are called to.

I came home with such a feeling of peace that the Lord was truly walking us through this and would continue to show us His path for our lives. In that process we had EVERY. SINGLE. QUESITON. ANSWERED. Lance was able to understand the details of the land, what we could do on that land, what the mineral rights were, etc. etc… and EVERYTHING was answered in the positive! They were ALL green lights/open doors and it was clear that it all was God showing us that this WAS His calling us to Colorado.

Then came the moment I thought might come. The day we were supposed to close on the land and sign the papers, send in the money and be land owners… there was a SNAG. We had sent our financial planner the paperwork he needed to fill out (he will remain anonymous because he’s family, hahaha) for this to all get done on that day… and he didn’t fill it out. It was a big part of the process and it wasn’t done on time. So we just PRAYED. “Lord if this is you stopping this process from happening… please make that clear. If this is NOT what you want for us, then we are fine with that, just let us know because we want YOUR will, not ours.”

We picked up the phone and called the loan agent and whoever else needed to know (that was Lance’s area of knowledge… lol) and we told them the situation. It’s not going to happen, we don’t have what you needed, we’re so sorry…” And he said “THAT’S OK.” That’s OK? WHAAA??

Yes, that was ok. He would finish everything anyways, we would still close on time and if they got the documents that they needed a little later, it was OK. Who ever heard of THAT before?

We about fell off our chairs, I cried big ugly tears and we knew. God wanted us to move to Colorado and He had things He wanted us to do there.

Fast forward a few months and we were already in the planning stages of what we thought the land would look like, how we would build a home and “gathering place” on that land and the timing with the home builder on all of that. We took several trips out to Colorado over that next 9 months until we finally moved our lives from California to Colorado last August.

In those times that we still lived in California a LOT was happening…


We continued to see confirmation from the Lord that we were to move in many different ways. Yet even in those beautiful moments, there were times where I had sadness at what we were leaving behind. A home we LOVED, family we were leaving behind and children we were leaving behind and didn’t know if they would follow us there! Friends we dearly loved. A GREAT church and “framilies” that we had deep bonds with. There was much to give up for this move. I think we knew that and felt that deeply, but I will say that I never once felt like it was a mistake to leave. I had such deep peace knowing we were doing the right thing by stepping out in faith and doing this BIG thing.

Lance and I knew this was BIGGER than us.

Bigger than our finances, bigger than our own dreams, bigger than what we could do on our own!

Our trips to Colorado back and forth for planning meetings with our home builder were also more confirmation. Working with a company that opening professes their faith, that felt like family from day one and who came along side us to guide us was beyond what we thought we’d get in a company that was helping us build this God sized dream. Hearing their stories of faith, why THEY were there and a BIG. CRAZY. DAY on their land was continued confirmation we were in God’s will. Let me share THAT story…

We had a busy day… We were looking at houses that they had built and then went to the owners home for lunch to talk over some plans. All the kids were with us, Dany & Victoria, Rebecca and Isabella. They were a bit bored with the conversation so they went out back on their 40+acreage and rode a 3 wheeler? (not sure what it was called). Then it came time to leave… and we couldn't find out keys to our rental car. No one had them! Last seen a child (not to be named… but starts with an R and ends with an A) had gone to the car to get something and didn’t have them when we needed to leave. What happened next was ONLY by design.

We were at their house for over 8 hours. We scoured their land for those keys, and they NEVER came up. The whole family had to leave in that 8 hours and go do things… yet they let us stay and look for the keys. Isabella had an event to go to so they let Lance use one of THEIR cars and drive her to get ready and take her to the event. The rest of us stayed there and called a lock smith, looked for the keys some more and were just in shock at what to do. Around 7pm the family comes back… with DINNER for us! (I have tears just reliving this guys…)

They knew we would be hungry, and they fed us.

Around that table that night we felt the presence of the Lord in that room. As we were eating we did have a lock smith outside trying to unlock our car and get a new set of keys made for us. But what God allowed to happen while we were at their house was NOT a coincidence… it was designed by God.

Dean shared their story of how they felt the Lord calling them back to Colorado. He shared how he had read a book… THE CIRCLE MAKER by Mark Batterson… YES, that one! And how they felt the Lord moving them to that part of Colorado for HIS PURPOSES. Come on?! We had Dany & Victoria with us at the time because we had wanted to bring them to Colorado so they could see if they were meant to be there too… and on that trip they didn’t seem impressed with it either… until that night. (and the it gets better with them in the story later…) They felt it too. It was a Holy moment. Dean shared some other things that made Dany and Victoria feel like they were supposed to move there with us, and I will forever be grateful for that! But what stopped me in my tracks was what Dean said about our land.

They PRAYED CIRCLES over our land.

They didn’t even KNOW us! They didn’t know that THAT was the book we felt started this whole journey… that we prayed circles around things in our lives as well. They DID NOT KNOW… but GOD did and does and WILL do it in YOUR LIFE TOO!

Prayer changes things. It moves us closer to the Lord… and our will aligns with His in miraculous ways.

God is good people. He does these things! And it will bring you to your knees in amazement.

If you read the last blog post or any other blog post I’ve written over the last couple years, this is a huge part of the story. God was continuing to show us that HE is the author of it ALL. And BECAUSE of that… it would also be in HIS timing.

This was around January/February of 2018, and we didn’t yet know the timing of it all. But we did know He was directing it. We didn’t find those keys that night… but we knew we were supposed to be there, that that conversation was supposed to happen and we were meant to hear it.

There is SO much more to this story…

I really do share it with you, and want to write it all down because it’s not only our History… it’s HIS Story that He is still writing, and He alone gets the glory for it.

I know I say it a LOT, but I am in AWE of it all. I’ll try to share more soon.

hugs to all,

Laura McCollough

Here’s a current day picture of our land and the home we are building. Next time I’ll share how things went when we moved last August and the process since then.